About Me

Name: Lisa Leila Barry
Home town: Surrey, UK

Hobbies: Skiing, sailing, spinning, obscure restaurants, cooking, clubbing and obviously reading
Music: Queen, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Michael Buble (eclectic I know)
Movies: Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, Django, Catch Me If You Can, Love Actually, Das Boat
Languages: English, French, Spanish, German

"Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world"-- my favourite saying and exactly what I'm hoping this website acheives (to a degree!) 

I started this website as I simply love reading. Not a reading snob per se, I've read everything from Homer's The Oddysey to Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries. I enjoyed The Princess Diaries possibly just as much as the Homer, worryingly...


Ultimately I believe I have quite an extensive reading knowledge. I've read classic murder mystery's like Agatha Christie to children's action books like Storm Breaker. After finding myself with some free time at university and a burning desire to help others (also.... a slight penchant for online shopping), I decided to set up this website and offer my services.


I believe I'm uniquely qualified to help you. After correcting some of my dad's novels, I realised that auto-correct can have some horrific consequences. Not just with mixing up "form" and "from" either. Apparently quite often through the novel Madam Butterfly, the typist had to be corrected not to write "Madman Butterfly". Maybe not giving quite the right impression, or gender, of the tragic heroine.... 


Not only auto-correcting, I will give you a balanced review of your work at the end of reading it. I think my youth gives me a fresh perspective, not confined to the old-fashioned plots or rigid sentence structures. University age graduates read the majority of books today. Why not get one of the key market to read over your book?


Unbiased, widely-read and current, I would love to help you.  



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