Mistakes from Famous Books

Perhaps some of the authors should have sought out lisa-barry.co.uk...
  1. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it says Harry says to Sirius in one of his letters that Dudley chucked his Playstation out of the window. However, book 4 takes place in 1994, and the Playstation wasn't launched in the UK until 1995. (My brother noticed this one-- obviously!)
  2. In the Da Vinci Code, Silas has severe albinism and should be legally blind. People with even mild albinism have impaired vision due to lack of retinal pigmentation. There is no way Silas would be able to fire a gun over a distance with any accuracy or drive a car, yet he does both these things.
  3. In the Green Mile, at the start of Part 6, the men let Percy out of the closet. They take the tape off his mouth and he starts to rub his lips, then lowers his hand to speak. Problem is he's still in the straight-jacket at this point.
  4. In the Godfather, the age of Tom Hagen when he moved in with the Corleones is never consistent. At the start of Book I, Michael says Tom was 12 when Sonny brought him home and demanded they take him in; later in Book I, Tom says both he and Sonny were both 11. Then, in Book III, when recounting how Sonny had taken part in an armed robbery when he was 16, Don Corleone says that Tom had been living with them for three years at this point, which would place Sonny and Tom at 13 when Tom moved in.
  5. In Breaking Dawn, on page 39, it said that when Charlie got up Bella made him pancakes. Later, it says that Charlie scowled into his cereal bowl.
  6. In It, Eddie's broken arm changes around, sometimes it's the left arm that's broken, sometimes it's the right.
  7. In Angels and Demons, when Vittoria shows Kohler and Langdon the underground lab, she searches for the dial tone on her cellphone (and fails as they are underground), thrice. Cellphones don't have dial tones.
  8. In the Mixed-Up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Claudia and Jamie stay in one of the museum's beds while hiding out in the museum. The card at the foot of the bed claims that the bed itself was the "scene of the alleged murder of Amy Robsart, wife of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester". Except that Amy Robsart was killed when she fell down the stairs in her house - nothing at all to do with a bed. The Metropolitan Museum would have done some research into that.


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