What I Look for in Your Writing

  1. Great Characters- In any novel the characters need to become alive and engaging. They need to have motivations, thoughts and feelings that make them seem "real". I want to become aware of their stories and care about what happens to them. 
  2. Clear Plot- The story should grip and retain the reader's interest and should feel utterly plausible. The way the story unfolds should be well managed and the reader should be eager to find out what happens next.
  3. Good Pace and Structure- The story should progress perfectly. The reader should never feel bogged down by irrelevant or superfluous material. Nothing should ever feel neglected and the story should continue at a solid pace.
  4. Accessible Language- The writing should be fluent and highly readable. Images, metaphors and similes should feel fresh and arresting. The vocabulary should be both varied and appropriate. P.O.V and tense should be used expertly.
  5. A Good Narrative Voice- There should be distinctive and original voices and tones. The style of expression should capture the character of the narrator and the tone of the novel itself.
  6. Exciting Dialogue- Where dialogue is used it should read like authentic speech. The characters should talk to each other and not to the reader. Dialogue should illuminate the characters and the relationship.
  7. Great Setting- Observation and description should effortlessly create vivid and strong settings and evoke mood and atmosphere.
  8. Striking Themes- There should be original subject matter and ideas. The reader should gain thought-provoking insight into the themes as a by-product of reading the story. 


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